How to make your own photo save the dates

One easy way to add personalisation to your wedding announcement invitations is by using a couple’s photo as part of your save the date.

Whether it’s from a professional engagement shoot or perhaps a snapshot of when they said ‘yes’, adding a couple’s photo is a great way of sharing a special moment with your guests as part of your wedding stationery.

You don’t have to hire a designer or spend a lot of time to create your own photo save the dates. Here’s how you can do it yourself at home in minutes by using a professionally designed photo save the date templates like these.

Step 1: Choose a design

The first thing to do is choose a template that you love with a layout that works well for the photo you’re using. There are plenty of options available on my Etsy, but for this tutorial, I’ll be using this polaroid photo save the date template – one of our bestsellers!

Step 2: Personalise your design

Once you’ve purchased your chosen template, you’ll get an email from Templett with a unique link to access your design online.

You won’t need any special software or superpowers to get started – everything is customisable right in your internet browser.

Click in the template to change your names, dates, and details, as well as add or remove any wording to suit you. Why not include the URL of your wedding website on your invitation?

You can also change the font, colours, and sizing of everything in the design – so feel free to get creative!

Step 3: Add your photo

Next, it’s time to add your own photo. You can do this in just a few clicks by uploading your chosen image from your computer. Once it’s added to your design, you can then move, reposition, and resize the image until you’re happy with the way it looks.

Step 4: Download your design

Once you’ve finished editing your design, it’s time to export it! Just click the ‘Download’ button and choose PDF, JPEG or PNG to export a file to your computer.

Step 5: Finished

And you’re done! Your design will be waiting for you in your computer’s downloaded files, ready for printing at home or taking to a professional printer shop/online store.

Now all you have to decide is who to send it to…